Sabtu, 01 Desember 2007

Newbie photographer mistakes

The biggest mistake of photographer, especially the new one

is that they only consentrate with their"CAMERA" and "LIGHT"

and often to be blind with a myth

"It doesn't matter how ugly the object is, but depending with the way you taking pics"

well, thats all the bullshit that old photographer always talk about

photographer in fact or to be more practical, is who arrange the
colour, light, angle, and object

what ! object ? yes !
if the object is ugly, then you have to change it, if you are unable to change it, then you have edit it
here's the secret
object which beautiful is more beautiful
object which ugly is more ugly
thats why we call it impact !
also its about what to put in your scene

while colour is more about colour harmony, you are colour maestro !
your eyes should feels good when looking at the pics !

light is about something that you will like to hide or show

and angle, the way of photographer see things
if its right it will contains your feeling
if it fails it wont

so its not about camera, lens, or lamp

its like drawing than taking a pics

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