Minggu, 25 November 2007

Visual Studio 2008 Express Review

May I say disappointment ?

After trying the new visual studio 2008 express for hours (I use c#),
i do believe, those guys @ microsoft
wants me

to buy the professional edition
to buy windows vista
to buy expression blend

so, the intellisense feels faster, but loading the project is so slow

While trying it with windows xp sp2, I can do less with the new feature, ignoring the new C# 3.0
I feel like developer is forced to create application for vista

WPF designer is worse, in fact, yes, visual studio is for coder not designer, thats why we should buy expression blend............bad idea.........
I totaly disagree with expression blend, they should integrate it with visual studio

Creating windows form with wpf hosted on it or creating wpf application with windows form hosted on it, they should integrate it

for free thing, can we ask more ?

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